Michigan. Virgo. outgoing.
drinks like a fish. Swears like a sailor. Animal lover. Music junkie. big heart, big mind. Get to know me. Generally quite happy.

bury all my expectations for a semi normal love.

this is my mind, on a day to day basis.


11 Months on T. Feeling better in this body all the time! 

Let us all just take a second and appreciate this. This handsome fucking guy right here!

Physically, yes I can live without you. 
I can eat, breathe, and sleep easily without you.

But if I’m not sharing half of a medium pizza with you, then I don’t want to eat.

And if I can’t feel your body move up and down as you breathe, I see no purpose in breathing.

And if I’m not waking up chest deep wrapped in your arms, then I don’t want to sleep.

- i’ve never wanted someone this badly (via routine-chaos)

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Puddle of Mudd | Blurry

Where abouts in MI do you live? Sincerely, Anonymous

My where abouts is muskegon. :) That’s like an hour, if that from Grand Rapids. Lol

Today, I realized I’m a fuck up. Sadness plagues my eyes. #fuck #up #ugh #hair #homo #gaygirl #lesbian #lezziegram #lesbiansofinstagram #dork #glasses #today #sucks #shameless #selfie

You are beautiful because you let yourself feel, and that is a brave thing indeed.

- Shinji Moon (via happyasatree)

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